Twitter: Starts Your Tweet Your Voice On iOS

Some days ago, Twitter starts voice tweets they introduce starts your tweet your voice on iOS. This new feature is available only for iOS and “a limited group of users.”  This feature is not for Android. But, in the coming days, everyone will be able to use audio tweets.

Starts Your Tweet Your Voice On iOS

Twitter starts this new feature of voice tweet because they think 280 characters are not enough for conversation and many expressions are lost in it. That’s why they introduce voice tweet, now everyone can express their thoughts and emotions with their own voice. On the other hand, Voice tweets could be considered a good feature for the blind or others who feel it difficult to type tweets.

Simple to Use Voice Tweet

It’s very simple to use voice tweets. In iOS, you see voice tweet feature the soundbar icon next to the camera icon when you activate a new tweet. You just tap the new voice tweet icon and then click the record icon on the new screen that appears.

This new voice tweet feature will allow for 140 seconds of audio. In case of over that limit, a new voice tweet will be automatically generated.

Three Steps to Tweet Your Voice On iOS

Here are three easy steps to use voice tweets.

Step 1: You go to create a tweet

Step 2: when you have access to voice tweets, you will see a new waveform icon, just next to your camera icon.

Step 3: You tap the waveform icon, then click the red record button that shows you up to start recording your voice tweet.

Follow these steps and enjoy your voice tweet.

Pause or Finish Your Voice Tweet

If you have a script of what you want to go to say your friends, you have an option to pause recording, so that you gather your thoughts and then continue. It’s mean that you just click the pause button that’s replaced the record button.

When you’re ready to start your recording again, just tap record once more time. You will notice that when you are recording, you see a progress bar fills up indicating how much of the 140 seconds you have left. You will also realize that when your microphone picks up your voice, some shaking circles comes around your profile image as an indicator.

Preview of Your Audio Tweet

Due to any reason, you can cancel your recording by clicking the cancel button at any time. When you did your recording you just hit done to the upper right and you’ll be taken back to your tweet composition screen.

Now, you can simply preview what you have recorded. So you click the play button that’s embedded in the tweet composition screen. You can also add introductory or explanatory text above if you like. When you complete your recording, simply hit the Tweet button.

How Your Voice Tweet Appear

You can easily attach your audio message with your text tweet and you spot this voice tweet in your feed. The new feature is a central profile image on a large, single-colored background with a play button on the top. Your profile image is animated, same like it was when you were recording, and playback is as very simple as tapping the play button.

Yours, followers, will see the audio tweet in your timeline alongside other text, photos, and video tweets. If they want to listen, they just have to tap that image. On iOS, a playback bar will be cropped at the bottom of the timeline so that they can listen as they scroll through your feed or switch to another app.

Twitter also said voice tweets can only be added to original tweets at this stage. In simple words, you can’t include them in replies or retweets with a comment in the starting days.

Two More Things About Voice Tweet

Firstly, your voice tweet can only be attached to ‘original tweets’, it’s mean to say that you can’t use them in replies. Also you not retweet something and add a comment.

Secondly, when you want to change your profile picture, the one you had at the time of the recording of your tweet will still be used as the image for its image – it will not refresh again.

Twitter on Android

We expect that voice tweets might appear in the Android Twitter user, but one thing that you won’t have the bottom bar functionality or the option to create your own recordings in Android. Twitter still does not mention its plans for this new feature on Android, but we have to hope voice recordings will soon become available. But now, you’ll just have to enjoy your iOS friends talking on Twitter.

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