Privacy Policy

We know the importance to secure the personal privacy information of every user that's why we designed to deliver you a premium coupons & quality deals of our valued customer, who trust us and provide the personal information without any hesitation. We are going to give you a brief privacy policy of our company which is related how we collect, use & how do we secure your personal information at is not only best in term of services and provides a great online shopping with discount. We have thousand of online stores with top brands. Our customer feel satisfied because we are providing a most reliable discount and coupon code. "Keep gets smart savings".

How do we collect information?

Your every information email, address, everything has key importance for us because If you are then we are and If you are not with us or we are just nothing. Our company would appreciate if come on our portal and provide your personal information for newsletter and latest coupons, product & deals. We can assure we would never disclose or sell your email address or any personal information which make causes the harm for you.

We have different ways to collect your information whenever you come in our site. In common way collect:

  1. We used cookies to collect your information or some time web server logs.
  2. Mostly, when you come in our site and shopping or redeem your best coupons.
  3. When you come and subscribe you information.
  4. When you chat and asking some question regarding the coupons and products with our customer support team.
  5. When you interact with our social media campaigns.
  6. We used cookies to collect your information or some time web server logs.
  7. We used cookies to collect your information or some time web server logs.

Integrity: can never compromise on integrity. We always do kind of things that which we can do. We belief whatever you are saying you have to do and integrity is the main part of any enterprise in public, private and personal.

No Rights of Third Parties:

Nobody has the right to disclose any information of our website because this privacy policy does not create enforce ably by the third parties.

Contacting US:

If you have query regarding our privacy policy so please contact us at